Who We Are

Zaxis is a niche studio practice with some good work under our umbrella and some exciting endeavours for the future.

We focus on creating sensitive spaces through empathetic design vis-a-vis the act of making them thoughtful curated through moments of quality and clarity. As a result our spaces are well modulated, rationalized and interconnected with a hint of nostalgia while being exploratory. By evolving our client stories into our stories, layering thoughtfully considered elements with a trained eye for detail and a natural curiosity, we create spaces that reflect our client's aspirations.

With a combined work experience of 30 years, we have evolved into a design firm with a wide global outlook & a solid work portfolio. We’ve worked with & learned from top design firms. We’ve tried to service our clients in the best manner possible. We’ve strived to develop cross-disciplinary knowledge through 360 degree construction experience.

Be it a workspace or retail, a renovation or new build, commercial space or private, we work with you to develop a design that is intuitive, sensitive and engaging. We intend to develop our version of SENSITISING spaces to user needs.

Most of all, we’re young, driven & ambitious. We like to think, We try harder …

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