ZETA – Simplicity in an Agile Space

The design philosophy for ZETA’s new office was to attempt a creative environment with “blank canvas” in terms of color and finishes. A variety of settings provides a versatile environment that addresses ZETA’s needs of its young work force.

The office features a mix of formal and informal workspaces, allowing for collaborative and individual thinking. The open office area promotes employee interaction, with variously set meeting spaces and a specialized team based conference room provide space for employees to focus on longer time bound scrum based ouputs. Almost all spaces are facilitated with the multi posture enabled sit/stand desks.

A defined ABW space forms the crux of the open work  area giving autonomy and mobility to the employees, a palette of dynamic work scenarios facilitated by the furniture settings providing employees the freedom of how they want and where they want to work from making this into a brainstorming place with  the potential to ignite discovery, to connect and create the context for unexpected conversations. This space encourage quick switching between conversation and lounge and standing / sitting height tables. A range of fixed and mobile technologies support individual and group work. With an agile space offering mobility driven work more & more employees prefer to work away from their desks and effective collaboration is key aptly supported in this large central positioned agile enabled ABW area.

To achieve a “blank canvas” space igniting creativity for its inhabitants, colors and patterns were chosen to produce a simple fresh scheme that would not conflict with the employees’ natural creativity. White walls and furniture paired with gray and black flooring generate a pristine look, with controlled use of ZETA brand colour of Aubergine/Lavender contrasting it against controlled use of Corals / Teals making it fresh and original.

Biophillia is an underlying theme that binds this office scape. An effort was made not to overwhelm with the notional green wall that comes with the idea of green, but controlled and easily manageable plants throughout the office making it a consistent concept. The green initiative is proposed as an engaging idea to the employees in the next to be built café space for ZETA. Minimal creative and an easy upkeep biophillia makes ZETA a unique workspace


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